inalipa™ is in the business of commerce for Africa 2.0. We are a comprehensive digital commerce solution that has tailored our services to the distinct needs of businesses, consumers and distributors alike. Consumers can access a wide array of products from our Supplier Mall and have them delivered to their destination of choice. Suppliers can unlock brand new customer segments, grow market size and market share. inalipa™ believes that the basis of all commerce is social and the present (not the future) of commerce is digital. 

Who is inalipa™ for? 

  • You are a large and established retailer, looking to expand traditional physical distribution footprint 
  • You are a small entrepreneur using social media to market your goods and want to scale your business 
  • You are a manufacturer or wholesaler looking for an online distribution channel to consumers

You no longer need to hire a developer and invest considerable amount of time and resources building your own e-commerce website or your own delivery logistics. By creating a supplier account with inalipa™, you can upload your inventory and generate an e-store front in less than 24 hours to let inalipa™ distribute and deliver your goods to the doorstep of consumers’ home. 

Are you a consumer looking for an enjoyable, convenient, trustworthy and affordable shopping experience? with inalipa, access a wide variety of inalipa™ suppliers and their products, convenient and trustworthy digital payment options (M-Pesa and Tigo Pesa, Visa and Mastercard (coming soon!) and fast delivery to your home (inalipa™ currently has the widest delivery range in Dar-es-salaam). Think of us as your favorite digital mall!


Our goal is to ensure consumers get the best prices on the market with no hidden fees. The wholesale price negotiated with our suppliers is a variable % determined by product category, category volume, average payload size, RRP. If you’re interested in becoming a supplier of inalipa™ fill in this form.