With inalipa, any business selling goods can register to become a supplier in inalipa distribution channel. Suppliers can create and update one or more online inalipa store fronts and allow inalipa to distribute their goods to customers.

Sign up to inalipa to become a supplier. Once you have created your account, upload products that you want inalipa to distribute. Your account will generate a website sub-domain for inalipa to sell your goods to customers.

Inalipa is built for suppliers and consumers

You do not need to have a physical store to sell goods to inalipa, but you will be required to provide the physical address where inalipa should pick up goods from.

Customers purchasing goods from inalipa pay online when ordering products and can chose between mobile money or card payment methods. At the moment, inalipa acccepts payments from M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Visa and Mastercard.

Inalipa accepts card payment through Visa and Mastercard therefore an international payment can be made, however inalipa currently only delivers in Dar es Salaam, therefore the delivery address must be in Dar es Salaam.

Inalipa Terms & Conditions can be accessed on here

Inalipa Privacy Policy can be accessed here

You may cancel your Supplier account and terminate the Terms at any time by contacting Inalipa Support and then following the specific instructions indicated to you in Inalipa’s response.

Inalipa takes quality very seriously. To ensure that our platform is trustworthy for our customers, we take the following quality assurance steps: we vet all suppliers during their onboarding through our robust Know-Your-Business (KYB) process which includes verification of supplier's identity and TIN through our integration with NIDA, TRA and a Face matching application. Once a supplier is on the platform, our quality team reviews on a daily basis our customer reviews, customers feedback from surveys, number of disputes and refunds, as well as any suspicious activities on the platform. We reserve the right to terminate the service with any supplier who breaches inalipa Terms & Conditions.

Inalipa is responsible for managing pick-up of goods from suppliers and drop-off of to inalipa customers. The delivery fee is charged to the customer at checkout. Currently inalipa only fulfills in Dar es Salaam.

Inalipa buys goods from suppliers at a wholesale price equivalent to the end consumer price (excluding VAT) set by the supplier minus an agreed % discount which corresponds to inalipa's distribution margin. The % discount is variable depending on volume of orders. Supplier prices must be in Tanzanian Shillings. Any other potential costs or charges will be clearly communicated and require acceptance from the supplier prior to implementing. There are no other hidden costs, nor monthly subscription fees.

Inalipa will pay for goods as per payment schedule indicated on purchase orders issued to suppliers. If payment terms are not included, default term of thirty (30) days will apply.

Inalipa does not charge any monthly subscription fee.

Customers are not charged any transaction fees by inalipa, however depending on the delivery method, they can be charged a delivery fee which is clearly stated during checkout if applicable.

When inalipa issues a purchase order to you, you will instantly see that amount added to your "Pending PO" on your dashboard. Inalipa keeps the amount as pending until the time window for a customer to raise a dispute has lapsed. Once that time has lapsed and no dispute has been raised, the amount is instantly moved from "Pending PO" to "Approved PO", this is when you can request a payment from inalipa and generate an automated invoice from your account to inalipa. Inalipa will pay the invoice within the time agreed in your purchase agreement with inalipa.

You need to have a mobile money wallet with either of inalipa payment service provider partners, currently M-Pesa or Tigo Pesa, or a bank account in Tanzania.

You choose and enter the details of your payment method when creating your account. You can update your payment method at any point, but any funds already in your "Pending PO" or "Available PO" will be paid through your previous payment method. The new payment method will apply to new purchase orders.

On your account, you can see the details of all goods sold by inalipa under the tab "Purchase Orders".

When you click on "Request payment", inalipa will process your invoice as per payment schedule indicated on purchase orders. If payment terms are not included, default term of thirty (30) days will apply.

Joining inalipa is very simple, click on "Become a supplier" button on inalipa.co.tz website and complete the onboarding steps in less than 2 minutes. You will be required to provide some information about you and your business. Once your account has been successfully created, you will be able to create your store and let inalipa distribute your products immediately.

Inalipa was created for suppliers of all sizes, from micro to large businesses. Our Know-Your-Business (KYB) process has been designed to be simple, therefore you do not need to have a business license to join inalipa, all your need at minimum to get started is your National Identification Number (NIN) and a TIN number.

Inalipa has three different tiers of suppliers for different sizes of businesses. The purchase orders limits per month are respectively: Tsh 2,000,000 / Tsh 8,000,000 / Tsh 500,000,000+

Once you have successfully created your account, go to inalipa.co.tz anytime you want to sign in, click on the "Sign in" button, enter your credentials and you will access your account.

When you create your store, you chose your domain and can see domain availability. Your domain will be in the following format: [supplier name].inalipa.shop

Inalipa operates in compliance with the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania, it is your responsibility to comply with the Tanzania Revenue Authority's regulations with regards to tax requirements and EFD receipts. To faciliate you, during your onboarding, inalipa gives you the option to chose to be integrated with TRA through inalipa and let inalipa fiscalise the invoices you issue to inalipa. In this case, you do not need to purchase an EFD machine. This integration is stricty optional, if you opt out of the TRA integration, you remain solely responsible for using an EFD machine to provide inalipa with fiscalised receipts after inalipa has paid an invoice to you.

Once you have successfully created your account, from your dahsboard click on "Create new store" and follow the steps to name your inalipa store and start creating products for inalipa to distribute.

Your supplier account is the dashboard from where you manage your products and all purchase orders issued to you by inalipa, you are the only one who has access to it, it shows you all purchase orders and other important data. Your e-store is the web interface that inalipa customers see, it is public and visible to anyone who has your e-store link or visit inalipa.co.tz and browse our supplier directory. You can preview your e-store at anytime by clicking on "preview store" from your account. You can manage your e-store settings from your dashboard by clicking on "Store settings".

Your account allows you to create as many stores as you want under one account provided that they are different verticals and do not bear the same name. However, if you are an incorporated entity, note that your inalipa account is attached to the specific business license you have uploaded when creating your account, therefore within your account you should only create stores that are attached to this business license and TIN.

From your supplier account page, click on "Switch store" to chose which store you want to visualise on your dashboard.

You can advertise your e-store link through your own usual communication channels, for instance on your social media. In addition, from your account you can create product-specific checkout links that you can post on your social media, when a customer clicks on that link they are redirected straight to checkout for that particular product and can purchase in one click. Finally, inalipa uses its own marketing activities and communications channels to promote the stores and products of all our suppliers.

From your account, click on "Preview store" to be redirected to your e-store and see what inalipa customers see. Or enter your e-store link on any web browser. To find your e-store link, click on the tab "Details" in your account.

To add a product, log in to your supplier account and select a store. Under "Products" tab, go to "Add product", then proceed to add product details and save changes.

Product information includes product name, description, photo, price, variants (for instance the product can exist in different colours, sizes etc. you create and customize as many variants as you wish), and stock available.

There is no limit to how many products you can create.

With inalipa you can choose to either track inventory or not. If you choose to track, Inalipa will automatically gauge remaining stock level of a product after every purchase order made by inalipa, based on initial stock entered. Also, you will receive a notification for replenishment as your stock nears stockout.

If a product has sold out and you have opted in to track inventory, the product will no longer be visible to inalipa customers. Inalipa will notify you as your product nears a stock-out to replenish stock or update inventory information.

All products to be sold on inalipa must adhere to inalipa Terms & Conditions.

To get a product checkout link, sign-in to your supplier account and select a store. Under "Products" tab, go to "Current inventory", search for a product and click on "View" and retrieve the link under "Purchase link".

You set up the end consumer price (excluding VAT) that a customer sees on inalipa checkout.

Product prices must not be below TZS 200 threshold and must not be above TZS 3,000,000 threshold

Log in to your Inalipa supplier account and select the store. On "Products" section, go to "Current inventory" and locate the product in question, then click "View" then "Edit". Update product details, then click "Save"

All product prices you set must be exclusive of VAT.

Purchase order notifications will come through SMS and email, and will also appear under the tab "Purchase Orders" of your dashboard in real time.

You process incoming purchase orders as soon as you receive them and enter the date and time the goods will be ready for pick up by inalipa.

Inalipa can refund a customer until up to 72hrs after an order has been marked as complete in case there is an issue with the good, as per inalipa refund policy. In case inalipa has to refund a customer due to any breach by the supplier of inalipa T&Cs, inalipa reserves the right to cancel that purchase order and not pay you for that good.

Inalipa currently accepts Tanzanian Shillings only.

Inalipa gives you the choice to manage inventory or not. if you have opted in for inventory management, your e-store will automatically update your stock level as purchase orders are issued and a product will automatically no longer be available for order once your stock has run out. However if you have opted out for inventory management, inalipa customers can continue to purchase products advertised on your e-store regardless of your stock level therefore you are required to be careful when chosing your inventory management setting, to avoid letting inalipa distribute products that you do not have in stock. If a customer has paid for a product that is out of stock you will be required to either restock immediately to ensure that inalipa can still deliver the good within SLA or you will have to cancel the purchase order, and inalipa will refund the customer.

A dispute is a disagreement that may arise during a transaction execution between the customer and inalipa.

When a customer makes an order on inalipa, they receive a confirmation SMS with an order tracking link. From the order tracking page, a customer can raise a dispute anytime from the moment they have paid up until 72hrs after an order has been marked as complete. Whenever a customer raises a dispute, inalipa will receive and manage the dispute, liaising with you the supplier as required. We reserve the right to refund our customer and not pay the supplier in case a good does not meet inalipa T&Cs.

Inalipa reserves the right to refund a customer and not pay the supplier in case a good does not meet inalipa T&Cs.

"We reserve the right to refund a customer in case a good does not meet inalipa T&Cs. Refund can be requested under the following circumstances: 1. The good was not delivered; 2. The good is illegal; 3. The good is damaged; 4. Serious misrepresentation of the good; this explanation is provided for simplicity only, please refer to inalipa T&Cs for refund policy. "

You will be able to see any dispute raised by a customer to inalipa in your supplier account, under the tab "Purchase Orders" and then "Disputes".

Please visit inalipa.co.tz and click on the tab "Contact" to chose your prefered contact method. Inalipa can be reached via call, WhatsApp and email.

Immediately contact Inalipa Support through phone or email to freeze the account until a resolution is reached.

Go to inalipa.co.tz, click on "Sign in", enter your phone number or email address and then select "forgot password", thereafter follow the instructions.